Our main focus is designing, installing and servicing electrical equipment, as well as automation and switchgears. We handle full delivery of electrical systems and systems that control technical processes and power buildings, while also installing and maintaining them. Our qualified staff’s professional approach guarantees the work we do is going to be high quality. We are a serious partner with years of experience and understand how to meet your expectations.

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Electrical wiring

Wiring of manufacturing plants and office buildings

We wire and install electrical equipment starting with the preparation phase, then drawing the design, implementing it and then completing the job through certification or official inspection. All work is performed ourselves with our own staff. In addition to quality and efficiency, we put great emphasis on safety and the environment.

Low and high voltage electrical connections and substations

You can turn to us for advice about power plants, reconciling a developer’s requirements to your power plant engineering comments, electrical connections and presenting the finished work to users along with complete technical documentation, official testing and certification.


Even when the job is completed, our cooperation with customers doesn’t end. We provide non-stop servicing of everything we install. Servicing is provided by high-quality professionals who in the case of an outage can effectively and quickly restore power with the support of our designers and review engineers.


Automation is rapidly progressing as industry management streamlines. The degree of automation in industry is rising, opening new market opportunities and increasing demand for comprehensive products to direct industrial processes. As a flexible company with a focus on providing individual customers with added value, Elektrik, s.r.o. is responding to this trend with comprehensive delivery of automatic industrial solutions, from designing control systems to implementing them.


We produce low-voltage switchgear for automation and distribution. These provide solutions to meet requirements of all configurations for electrical distribution systems installed in residential and industrial buildings.

We insist on clear and complete solutions that include flexible systems along with guaranteed deliveries and quick access. And we haven’t overlooked easy maintenance, something that is important to our customers. Of course, we use materials with quality workmanship that have been tested, can be present when the electrical system is commissioned and are able to train your operators, too.


Our electrical design work comes from decades of experience, enriched with new system features we receive every day, as well as from work that has been completed. Our drawings are produced in accordance with international standards and in compliance with Slovak legislation. Working closely with customers drives us to find the best solution for capital projects, both with respect to initial investments and also long-term use. In design work, we communicate with all parties concerned.